Simple Steps to Take While Waiting for Your TowTrak Service Provider

Your safety and those with you are very important for TowTrak. When your vehicle has a breakdown or doesn’t work, don’t let your nerves betray you, and be sure to follow the below simple steps until the TowTrak service provider arrives.

Move over: When you’re hit with a flat tire, it’s important to stay safe. If your car can safely drive away from oncoming traffic and get as far off the road shoulder-first (or if there are no shoulders), then this will make tow truck drivers’ jobs easier when they come along!

Get identification: The tow truck driver will arrive within minutes, so make sure to get their name and license plate number before they do. If it is not a legitimate operator, you may end up getting hurt or worse – don’t take any chances! You can also track the service provider through your TowTrak app!

Turn on your hazard lights: Hazard lights are a great way to alert other drivers that your vehicle is disabled. They also make it easier for those around you, especially at night time! The hazard button usually resides near the steering column or dashboard and has an icon that looks like three red dots arranged next to each other (a triangle).

Set up triangles or flares: If you have these safety measures on board, then it’s time to place some reflective triangles or flares behind your vehicle. One should be about ten feet from the car and another 30-yards away in order for drivers that come across them while driving past can see how close they are getting!

Gather your belongings: The best way to be prepared for any situation is by collecting everything you need before hand. You won’t want anything left behind, especially if there are important items like your wallet!

Stay — or go — where it’s safe: When you feel that it is safer to stay in your vehicle, do so. If possible exit through the passenger door and be careful while walking near busy highways even if no traffic appears on either side of them because there might still come up quickly from behind!

Now that you have followed the above simple steps be sure to watch out for strangers approaching you while waiting for your TowTrak Service Provider. Some might just want to offer their help, but don’t let anyone into your car or accept any rides from them without knowing who is actually driving the vehicle – including other than those assigned as “towing” trucks! Remember, you can always track the service provider through your TowTrak app!

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